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Every six seconds, a child dies of starvation or disease related to malnutrition. Kids Against Hunger volunteers package life-saving, nutrient-rich rich meals for families living in poverty in the US and around the world.
Our Mission
The mission of Kids Against Hunger, a humanitarian food-aid organization, is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children in the USA and to feed starving children throughout the world.
Who We Are
We are one of a network of Kids Against Hunger satellites across North America working together to eradicate world hunger. We do this by organizing volunteer groups to package a high-nutrition food formula developed by leading American food scientists.
Why We Do What We Do
Hunger makes people do desperate things. When parents cannot provide for their families, children are abandoned at orphanages, forced to work in horrible conditions, denied educations and worse. If we believe that a country's children are its future, then countless countries are losing their futures as children are exploited, denied educations, and denied their childhood.

By providing nutritious food to children through schools or orphanages and to families living in refugee camps, we are working against the desperation of hunger and giving children hope for their future.
2,325 Volunteers packaged over 227,400 meals
Locally, we supported Erie UpLink (a backpack program for students), two food pantries and a small ministry to the homeless.
78,400 meals distributed in Uganda to orphans and single-parent families
Over 85,000 meals sent to refugee camps for people from war-ravaged Mali and Syria
What's New in 2013
Our first Boy Scout Eagle Project partnerships
Volunteers package and box nutrient-rich meals.
Children in LaGonave, Haiti, blessed by meals packaged by volunteers at our launch in April, 2010
Tiger Packs provided to students at local Elementary Schools include Kids Against Hunger Meals.
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CLICK HERE for pictures from our trip to work with Three Angels Children's Relief in Haiti, August 2012
The remainder of our 230,604 meals shipped outside the US went to Mexico, Haiti and South Africa.
We'll begin tracking our pallets so each group can check back here and on Facebook to discover where the meals they have packaged are shipped. Check back for details soon!
New Facility in Broomfield
We are moving in June, 2013 to a new facility at 6901 W. 117th Ave., Unit 10, in Broomfield.
The 2500 sq. ft. space includes an office and prep room as well as more than twice the space for packaging and storage than we've had.

We're excited to be able to host larger packaging groups and store enough food to ship full containers (20 or 40 pallets) to our overseas partners from this location!